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For everyday celebration

In a flourless and sugarless world, Rimutė's layered cake captivates with its authenticity – dizzying calories, delightfully sticky fingers, perfectly imperfect appearance, motherly love and childhood memories.



Rimutė's culinary artistry

It's rare to encounter such devotion - crafting cakes layer by layer by hand requires immense willpower, patience, and perseverance. For decades, Rimutė has tirelessly honed her layered cake recipe. Today, the cake's authenticity is evidenced by the culinary heritage certificate, awarded exclusively to products created using traditional recipes and techniques.

The making of

Only natural Lithuanian ingredients

Rimutė's mounth-watering layered cakes are made exclusively from natural, locally-sourced Lithuanian ingredients: smooth silky butter, eggs from Lithuanian chickens, and flour milled in the region. Her commitment to ensuring the highest quality of her desserts has not gone unnoticed, as Rimutė was even honored with a gold medal at the "Choose a Lithuanian Product" exhibition.


My cake baking ritual is inspired by the vision of you enjoying your morning coffee with a slice of layered cake or gathering with your loved ones to enjoy this dessert together. I hope each bite brings you the warmth of my heartfelt wishes!

Rimutė Zuzevičienė